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Rosetta Rubino
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Rosetta Rubino The end of Gemini Girl has the best pit potential of any song I've heard in **EONS**.

(But hey this is a split, so I'll also mention my fav HB track on here is 379.) Favorite track: Gemini Girl.
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meghan BURIAL AT SEA BAYBEE Favorite track: Anna.
Perry Gottschalk
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Perry Gottschalk I've waited a LONG while for O&O and I'm thrilled to listen to their part of the split. Home Burial goes fucking hard. Favorite track: Gemini Girl.
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The hard work of two Elgin locals.

Maybe I'm gonna die alone
but I wont fall again


released June 13, 2016

Oceans & Oceans:
Adrian Medriano- Guitar/Vocals
Kristine Medriano- Drums
Julian Medriano- Bass/Guitar

Tracked, mixed and mastered with Joe Scaletta at Word of Mouth Recordings in Chicago, IL

Home Burial:
Jim Caldrone- Guitar/Vocals
Mike Skwierawski- Guitar
Genaro Acuna- Bass
Paul Hill- Drums
Peter Brankovic- Vocals

Tracked, mixed and mastered with Jeff Leber at The Noise Room in Round Lake Park, IL



all rights reserved


Home Burial Elgin, Illinois

Emo/Mathrock band out of Elgin, IL

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Track Name: Home Burial - 379
As I walked out of your door that night
i felt all my tears crumble
in my eyes
Running through this rut ive dug
I cant hold on to these

I can feel the way I felt
when I walked out of your door
i feel the same way
when i left my keys on the fridge

scars are my retribution

and I can see through the seams
maturing in life is not what it seems

I know where youve taken my heart tonight
its 4000 miles from this old knife
I wanted to bleed and give all i could
another night, another should
suffice in this brain ive so calmly replaced
ive left my soul
i left my body at the gate

Im parting the sea with my eyes
for theyve forsaken me
i bit off more than I could chew
now im paying the price for you
Track Name: Home Burial - Anna
I know that
youll need this
in my heart tonight


i see you
standing across the room
your ghostly stare
its haunting me

youre not real
figment of imagination
tailored true to the thoughts of my brain
triggered through loss
provoking days to sadness
i can see you standing there

pushing you
youre just an apparition
fake as can be for I wont lose
a battle, cerebral im void of your pleasures
i know something you dont know

One thing I havent told you, is that I dont need you anymore. ive built you up to be a perfect image, a perfect being, but now I realize. i dont want you. i dont want that for myself anymore. i want to love someones imperfections because thats what true love is about.
loving one anothers impurities until we're both crystal clear. seeing each other through and through for exactly what we love and dont love. its tough, but Ive got to move on. and if I could only say one thing to make you disappear, it would be that I have fallen, but i

I have fallen but I wont fall again